Why Morphí?

There I was, in the claustrophobic dressing room of “the trendy shop” with a light so dim you’d need a flashlight to see your own feet, trying to squeeze into a pair of jeans clearly too small for me, because that’s the size you’re “supposed to” be.

Sweat pearling on my forehead and my friend on the outside eagerly asking ”Do they fit? Are they alright? Should I get another pair for you?” and me answering ”No no, I’m alright. I’ll be right there to show you!” with the jeans stuck over my hips.

I even bought those jeans a size too small thinking that I’ll be able to wear them after the next diet. But it never happened.

So they hung in my closet for a year or two, and the only thing they did was making me feel bad about not having anything to wear and even worse about my ”wrong sized” body. Not to talk about my inscrutable decision to buy them in the first place.

And I’m not the only one that’s done that weird type of shopping.

I don’t know a single woman who’ve never complained about her looks, her weight and how her clothes fit, if she -ever- had something to wear…
And sometimes they end up buying clothes they ”should” have in sizes they ”must” fit in.

How come adult women with full mental ability do things like that? There must be something to fix this crazy state of mind.

There’s gotta be a better way!

Hi, I’m Susanna. I want to start a small revolution of sorts.

MorpíDesign was created as a reaction to fast fashion and the skew body image messages pumping out from the fashion brands that affects women’s view of themselves, their sufficiency, their beauty and their bodies.

Who are they to tell us who’s beautiful and who’s not?

And what does a number on a size-tag really mean? I mean, really.

I genuinely believe that sewing your own clothes that fit your body gives you freedom. Not only to choose what trends, if any, you’d like to follow but also allows you to feel great about yourself.

But the result you get from the time you spend has to be worth it. And getting the right fit can be tricky.
Sometimes it seems you have to buy all the books, take all the classes and look through all of the video clips before you can even grasp where to begin.

That’s where Morphí comes in.By guiding you how to fit your unique body, how to sew and get results that don’t look like DIY, so you can feel comfortable, confident and look like a rock star. Because, why not go all in?

Clothes that fit allows you to forget about them and any “flaws” you consider yourself having (that are actually only deviations from the average in a chart someone compiled at least 30 years ago) and be yourself minus the dragging top and ever pulling jeans.

The point is not what measurements your body has, but how you feel in your clothes and how they when you wear something that really fits, let you be your unique and beautiful self.

Because every body deserves clothes that fit and we shouldn’t let anybody with an average measurement chart tell us anything different.

So there you have it, the story of Morphí.

I’d love to keep in touch so sign up for Morphí VIP updates and join me on the quest to find styles that fit and rock any body.

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