Joan shirt sew-along – Intro

Joan shirt sew-along - Introduction

Welcome to the Joan shirt sew-along!

This sew-along will guide you through all the decisions and steps you encounter when sewing the Joan shirt, so you can sew your version with confidence and create a shirt you’ll love and want to wear almost every day.

If you want to follow along you can find the Joan shirt PDF pattern here.

Techniques we’ll be covering:

  • making and placing sleeve tabs
  • top stitching
  • sewing a facing
  • folding a box pleat
  • finishing a sleeve slit
  • sandwiching a yoke
  • easing and setting a sleeve
  • placing buttons
  • sewing a narrow hem


There are many details you can change to add your own personal touch to your shirt.

Get your creativity sparked and find inspiration in the suggested design variations section in the pattern instructions.

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About your skill level

Let’s be honest.

Assessing your skill level is subjective and it’s usually depending on your confidence and mood at the time, to what category you´re labeling yourself.

Restraining yourself from sewing different types of garments, trying different patterns or techniques or using certain fabrics or techniques, serves no one.

How will you ever sew those beautiful things you want if you keep hindering yourself from trying because you think you don’t have enough experience or knowledge?

“If you want to sew something, you should absolutely go for it.”

Try taking it slow and recognizing that mistakes are mandatory for getting you greater results.

You’ll be fine.

The world will not end because you need to use your seam ripper.

Imagine how proud you’ll be of your accomplishment when you’re done! All the positive side effects that well-deserved pride will give you.

And a custom made shirt only for you!

Sewing a button-down shirt can seem like a huge task, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. 

The payoff is worth way more than the doubts.

The trick is breaking it down into tiny steps, ignoring the distant result, and concentrating on getting the specific task you’re working at ‘right now’ as good as it can possibly get.

Accepting that good quality stuff takes time.

Preparing every pattern piece in advance so when it’s time for sewing it’s just a matter of shuttle traffic between the sewing machine and the pressing station without interruption.

Before you know it, you’ve reached the end.

Let’s get started!

Next up:

Part 1: Planning the project and gathering supplies

  • Size – Taking your measurements and decide what size you’ll sew
  • Fabric – Different qualities and weaves that works for Joan
  • Tools – A checklist for everything you’ll need from start to finish

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