Morphí’s draft model is 168 cm or 5’5″ tall.

She has a wider waist than the average standard size, and, a fuller hip than the bust.

There’s 7-8 centimeters, or 3 inches, between her high bust and full bust measurements, thus she’s wearing a C-cup in the sewing pattern way of calculating.

Do you need to do a bust adjustment on your pattern? Learn more in this post.

There are too many sizing standards in the world for anyone to keep up with, hence, they’re irrelevant.

Morphí sizes are labeled with letters instead of numbers. Look for your size based on your actual body measurements. 

Free yourself from the Ready-To-Wear vanity sizing charts. 

Make it a habit taking your measurements regularly, at least every time you’re trying a new pattern brand. Get it right, and rock your sewing.